1 Setup USB Wifi Adapter Drivers Wireless Dongle Realtek

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 Setup #USB #Wifi Adapter Drivers Wireless Dongle Realtek

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Installing the WiFi Drivers :

Open any one of the folders (MTK WlanU or RTL WlanU) .

If you run a windows Computer, Click the Windows folder and run setup.

Just install both drivers, the one for MediaTek and the other for realtek.

If you run linux or Mac choose the other folders (Most Linux , Windows 8.1 + and mac Systems will be plug and play.

If You need any help , feel very free to reach out on Facebook.

Go into the RTL WLANU , then into the Windows Folder .
Then Scroll down to find the setup.exe file. It is labeled Setup . Double click on it to begin the installation.
Once you finish the setup installation, restart your PC .
As soon as you restart your PC you will see the Windows Wireless iCon is now visible at the bottom right of your screen.

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.Mediatek Adapter Video :

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49 thoughts on “1 Setup USB Wifi Adapter Drivers Wireless Dongle Realtek

  1. My connection ask network security key I don't know what is it is it my WiFi password or some thing els ware can I find it

  2. Whenever I connect, my net says "cant connect to this network" i have tried a lot of tutorials but none work

  3. I have installed the drivers but thhere are no network lines in the bottom right corner nither i am able to find the REALTEK Application in start menu or home screen

  4. Sir i bought a new realtek wifi dongle iam using bsnl wifi but its not connecting to adapter. I installed the software from cd. What to do

  5. I am aslo using a same adapter. It is connecting to all other mobile wifi devices in house. But it is not displaying my mobile network. Tried a lot but i cant see my mobile device over there. Plzz tell the solution

  6. why my wifi dongle can't detect on my computer when i first plug it is detected but then i unplug it replug it doesn't show up or scan even in device manager

  7. Got a question, you need the internet to download the drivers, but how can you do that if your USB isn't working?

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