8 Facts About Danzo Shimura You Should Know!!! w/ ShinoBeenTrill & Stahtz "Naruto Shippuden"

8 Facts About Danzo Shimura You Should Know, 10 things About Danzo Shimura You Didn’t Know. This has been one of the most requested Fact Videos ever so here is Danzo Shimura let’s get it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like and subscribe for daily content! :]
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49 thoughts on “8 Facts About Danzo Shimura You Should Know!!! w/ ShinoBeenTrill & Stahtz "Naruto Shippuden"

  1. I dont hate danzo i like his char bc i would do the same thing for power but i would do more i would steal every dojutsu and scroll and anything.

  2. but truthfully… Danzo is the only one with realistic thinking in Naruto… getting job done with his actions instead of spamming Talk no Jutsu to every villain he encounter and hoping them to have a change of heart… lol… we all knew that talk no jutsu arent effective in real life… unless of course if you are the MC

  3. To me danzo was a ass hole to me he was one the villains who I wanted to see die but that's my opinion no Offense to any donzo fans out there

  4. Danzo was the most evil and heartless character ever! He ruined sasuke’s childhood, naruto’s childhood, Caused Jiraya’s death, caused the 3rd hogake’s death, the creation of Pain, supported orochimaru, forced Itachi to slaughter his entire clan, stole shizsui’s eye, Controlled Sai taking his humanity. So much shit he did he deserved to die

  5. Ohh danzo so corrupt so power but you play so straightforward and you do take the leaves care in mind people cannot dispute that that you care about the hidden Leaf you just go about it in a fucked-up way you protected though.

  6. Danzo was actually interesting as a character, regardless of the hate. Keep in minds folks, antagonists are actually the most Important in stories…. Without villains there is no story… This whole garbage hate…. Grow up people.

  7. I don't really know what to make of him. I feel like the fans hate him because he's out of touch and a little bit two faced.

  8. Even though a bunch of people hate him he is one of the best antagonists and most dark characters basically without him there wouldn't be any naruto

  9. Danzo is really strong I know people hate him but he's strong he could have killed Sasuke so easily

  10. Honestly I would have liked it if Danzo lived. Konoha under Danzo would have been interesting

  11. Danzo literally caused (or contributed to the rise of) the Akatsuki, Kabuto, Madera, and the Fourth Great Ninja War. EVERYTHING he did backfired and eventually hurt the village and eventually the entire world.

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