Creepy Deep Web Video | BLANK ROOM SOUP (Explained)

Blank Room Soup explained. In this video we explain and analyse the creepy deep web video Blank Room Soup (also known as Blank Room Soup.avi and Freaky Soup Guy). BRS is a disturbing deep web video, and perhaps one of the most notorious deep web videos available on the surface web. In Blank Room Soup, a man eats from a bowl of soup, seemingly against his will as he seems terrified and distressed. Two men in creepy costumes observe him as he eats the soup and begin to stroke him as if to try and reassure him but this only disturbs the man further. It has been said, the soup he is eating contains the cooked remains of his late wife, who was killed by the two men in the video…
In this video we analyse Blank Room Soup, look at some possible theories and explain the mystery behind it.

You can check out the original Blank Room Soup video here:

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50 thoughts on “Creepy Deep Web Video | BLANK ROOM SOUP (Explained)

  1. id rather die with one kill than without if i was that man eating the soup id likely tried to kill the suit guys with the plate and fists also it could be possible to win them even if they had guns because the suits slow them down for sure and couple hits and they start struggling

  2. Considering the people in costumes were said to perform perfectly like raymond intended the characters to, It could be a deranged fan. There's also no evidence that they're human remains so they could either be harmless twisted parodies or the rumours are true.

  3. The whole story is nonsense, i mean, if someone did that to my wife and i couldn't revenge, i would die and not eat my wife.

  4. this is so so sad. you guys are all joking, but this poor man has went through hell. This is so disgusting and sick.

  5. Guys dont joke about this video, please, its a very serious video and NOT something to joke about, imagine if u were forces to eat ur wifes organs and people on the internet made jokes about it. DAMN

  6. I feel terrible for all of them, but surely I am not the only one who has a tiny bit of my brain wondering “umm what will it taste like?” (I’m not a cannibal I promise)

  7. It’s so sad that somebody he loved was kidnapped and murdered and he had to eat her and to then get murdered that’s just messed up!

  8. Stupid video theybe making kind of shit like this, shouldnt be posted on youtube. Do you guys know how many kids be watching this things. And they get scare when vídeos like this pops up on their phone. This shit needs to be remove.

  9. Me: *Watches A creepy video* Nah I'm not getting Paranoid This time 😀
    My Brain in 3:00am: Hey remember that blank Room soup video?
    Me: Damn It

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