Easy Way to Make Awesome Minecraft Avatars and Wallpapers

In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows off features of the website Novaskin that allows you to not only customise your skin, but also create really cool Avatars and Wallpapers, without having to learn a 3D program.


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49 thoughts on “Easy Way to Make Awesome Minecraft Avatars and Wallpapers

  1. I was like "Oh its just another skin editor" but then at 2:07 I saw the overlay…
    And the picture function… (at 4:10)

  2. Wow your one of the only minecraft youtubers a remeber watching a long time ago who both didn't quit and start clickbaiting.

  3. someone help me Idk How put My own skin in Wallpaper I made my own skin But how put on Wallpaper it wasn't me let put 🙁

  4. could you make an elytra launcher plss if there is a way in minecraft pocket edition in survival make a video thanks

  5. omgcraft your the only one i know that helps people very nice can u help me get more subs if yes that would be a great help by great i mean life changer tnx so much i oh u my life if u can help me

  6. Hi Chad! I Like the new Hair Color… looks so vibrant…

    Do You Mind if i ask you to sneak Once on my channel and comment maybe… please even if u do it just once…

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