Factory Image Restore Windows 10 Dell (Official Dell Tech Support)

In this video, Factory Image Restore Windows 10 Dell, we demonstrate how to use Dell SupportAssist to restore Windows to its factory image. Please refer to the following details:
Pre-requisites for this process:
-Dell OS Recovery tool must be installed on your computer.
-You must have a USB drive with 16 GB free space.

Pre-requisites to perform cloud system image restore using SupportAssist OS Recovery USB key:
-Your computer must be connected to a power outlet.
-Your computer must have an active internet connection.
-You must have created a SupportAssist OS Recovery USB key.

Cloud restore enables you to restore your operating system and drivers. The cloud restore feature is supported only on certain systems. For the list of systems where cloud restore is supported, see the ‘Systems that support Cloud Restore’ section in the Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery Support Matrix at www.dell.com/ServiceabilityTools
Performing cloud restore updates the operating system image to the latest version which is more current than the operating system image installed at the Dell factory.
You can use the Cloud Restore option if your computer is irreparable or SupportAssist OS Recovery is unable to detect the factory image on your computer.
For more details, please refer to our Dell knowledge base article at

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32 thoughts on “Factory Image Restore Windows 10 Dell (Official Dell Tech Support)

  1. sir i have dell inspiron 3521 ,,,,,i am not able to download any image. please can u provide me the factory image

  2. How I install window iso file when window is showing critical process died or error code 0xc000000f


  3. I dont see the same options on your website, I dont have support topics or additional recources, and when I search I dont find it.

  4. This is the best tool ever for freshly installing Windows 10. But if you have an existing Windows 10 computer you can make a recovery thumb drive by simply going to search and typing recovery. Both options will essentially get you to the same spot, but the later will retain all your drivers and installer without connecting to the internet and it's much faster. Still it's one of the better tools out there for setting a drive up from scratch. It will download, and deploy window, drivers and whatever backups you might have. Setting up a system has never been easier no thanks to SupportAsssist.

  5. i can't able see USB in boot menu even after several restarts..
    please dell team i need immediate support from u
    is there any other option i can clean install windows 10 using usb recovery image

  6. I used this for a clean install of Windows OS. However, after the Cortana settings, it is again starting from creating user account etc i.e. it is stuck in this loop endlessly. Please advise what to do. System hardware check shows no problems. Also, the trackpad is sluggish as soon as the installation goes into the part from where we create user account and password. Till then it runs flawlessly.

  7. can it restore dell lap to the dell factory image as it was originally shipped, including the dell factory-installed apps and software . and thank u .

  8. I just bought a brand new computer at Costco and I did not download anything except for google and google classroom to do my homework and every time I fix my pc but the next day I have to fix it again and again please help

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