[FREE] How To Record Keystrokes Automatically with Shadow Keylogger

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This video explains how to setup Shadow Keylogger so that it runs automatically. You can view the configuration template here:

Shadow Keylogger is a free, simple and safe keylogger for Windows which lets you record keyboard and screen activity secretly. As well as being highly portable, Shadow Keylogger is also designed to be entirely hidden from sight while recording.

You can download Shadow Keylogger for free here:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “[FREE] How To Record Keystrokes Automatically with Shadow Keylogger

  1. Hello, maybe someone could paste a link to shadow keylogger, because mediafire says thay program determined to be dangerous.

  2. copy this link in the notepad 🙂 like


    Put your own password you use to set Shadow Logger with in the second line 🙂 Thank me later or give me a like what harm can it do 😉

  3. it wont work for me i have te 2.0 version and i have saved the config file as explained but it keeps asking password when i start it

  4. And another question, if i let the program run and bail out, if the computer get shut down without logging out with the password, does it stil save the recorded data?

  5. I have a question, do the USB has to be ketp connected at all times during the keylogging session? Or is just plug, click, run away?

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