LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SKIN CHANGER (All skins + custom skins)

Name:ProleteR – April Showers

1.Go on link
2.Go in MOD SKIN
3. Scroll down and press download
4. When its downloaded, move it on screen
5. Extrach file
6. Extracted file opet and active this LOLPRO.exe
7. We can delete downloaded file but dont delete extracted file
8. Active LOLPRO from desktop
9. When you lock any champion in League of Legends go on LOLPRO and select skin, press active
10. Drop Like , Subscribe and Share video

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31 thoughts on “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SKIN CHANGER (All skins + custom skins)

  1. Bro, thank you for the detailed tutorial it worked for for the default skin, but on the custom skin it won't work, please help.


  2. The new patch dosent work dont try it guys , beacuse when you play you will stuck on Reconnect screen , if u did and you didnt find a solution let me help , if you cant connect to a game you need first of all to 1.Delete the mod skins 2.Go to the folder and delete LOGS and CONFIG 3.Go to windows type : cleanup disk and check all , restart pc and enjoy

  3. Every since the new patch for the lol skin, every time I turn on my lol skin. I'm stuck in the reconnect screen and wont let me connect to the game.

  4. thank you bro but when i lock a skin in the loading screen the default skin appear but when i enter it works
    solution plz

  5. Перестало работать со временем,в чём проблема?stopped working over time, what should I do?

  6. plz help
    mod skin doesn't work anymore i download it last night and it was working but today it's not working anymore
    they realase a new update for league of legends
    maybe this is the problem???

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