Monster Hunter World Iceborne | Top 5 Amazing Mods You Should Check Out

Here’s a look at some more amazing PC mods for Monster Hunter World Iceborne that you should check out.

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Monster Hunter Stories

2B + Voice Pack+Weapons

Io (Code Vein) + Voice Pack

Xenomorph Xenojiva

Lightning Palico (Visitor from Cocoon)

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45 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World Iceborne | Top 5 Amazing Mods You Should Check Out

  1. Monster hunter stories mod is hidden now, such a shame. But yeah, wish they'd make a non-mobile stories like game, but maybe not turn based?

  2. My mod ranking
    1 – Farther camera mod
    2 – Tenderizer
    3 – IG buff prolonger
    4 – Guiding lands Elder fog removal
    5 – True weapon damage

  3. Wait, that mod allows monsters to fight with you while you hunt monsters?
    cancelled Scalebound flashback intensifies

  4. I tried install mod following the path C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon But there's no folder for MHW for me to paste in the nativePC mod and stuff, soo… do i manually created one or something ?

  5. Mods are cool but … mods Attacks the Game Data … and Monster hunter is so much better online … so …. Why mods?

  6. All of these cept the MHStories mod are just cosmetic change tho and I am sorta expecting QOF like Mods like Sorted Decorations,Guilding lands icons,All item shops,Auto steamworks etc.

  7. how about trying some Reshade and the preset uploaded in nexus mods?

    PC did have some extra graphic option which make the game looks better than console already but with reshade the game looks way better, especially the one that made it look less washed out. The game is beautiful but I always find it a bit too grey and washed out, even the colorful map like coral highland feels lacking in console, with reshade the game looks amazing

    As for mods, I think Icon/Efx for dropped item mod is one of the best mod despite its simplicity, it looks really nice and very useful. Another cool cosmetic mod id say the shotgun replacing rajang HBG/LBG or bow magic effect. Sparda Devil Sword is also looking great, there's also glavenous tail sword, they just edit the tail and slap it into sword handle and it looks pretty good lol, at least much better than the crappy GS Glavenous vanilla we got. Oh and the four horsemen of the apocalypse armor mod is looking pretty dope. Lot of cool hair mod as well, 2b hair, handler hair etc. oh and some people are porting a bunch of MHO weapon, might want to take a look, some of them is not bad.

    Silent handler and pretty handler is also nice, or just remove handler entirely/make her invisible

    hmm, idk I feel like top 5 mod is just too difficult, there are a lot of cool little mod but not many are as amazing as MH Stories/pet mod or 2B mod, maybe make top 10 instead?

  8. Its really sad the Monster Hunter Stories modder is taking a hiatus from Monster Hunter World mods to go back to older games in the series. He set the mod to hidden until he comes back to do one massive update for it.

  9. The only mod I wish I had (cries in PS4) is the Monster Hunter Stories one. I want Nargacuga or Thunder Doggo as a pet!

  10. There's also a Nier music overhaul I'd highly suggest to everyone in the MHW PC community, has custom tracks (some are repeated) for every monster in the game, along with hub music.
    Totally changes the experience for the better, I can't play without it anymore.
    (I absolutely love the MHW OST but something about Nier's just really gets me going)

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