Portable Technician's USB Toolkit

Portable Technician’s USB Toolkit

If you are in the computer repair industry, then you are going to need one of these toolkits. they save you heaps of time when diagnosing computer problems. you can add what ever software tools you like, I try and add tools like Acronis True Image, Minitool Partition Wizard, Paragon Rescue Kit, Spinrite, Seatools, Memtest86+, Hirens Boot CD, Windows PE, Kapersky Rescue CD, PC Unlocker and many many more types of software you may need.

Your need a USB Flash drive, I am using a 32GB Pen and You need to purchase the software you want to use, unless you use free software.

I show you step by step on creating a multiboot USB drive with all your favorite tools.

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28 thoughts on “Portable Technician's USB Toolkit

  1. I know this is an old vid but, the latest version of Hirens PE wont boot from the latest version (1.9) of the Winsetup from USB utility. It hangs at the Win 10 logo boot screen.

  2. Has anyone else had trouble with this method working after the new Windows update? Since the updates came out the other week, all my thumb drives say there is a MBR lock. The drives work for copying files, but I cannot prep them or run grub4dos. I have tried cleaning with diskpart and dismounting from disk management and reformatting.

  3. Please, Can you explain:
    what's the difference between this video and the other which named "Build PC Repair USB Toolkit" in your channel
    Thank You so Much

  4. I have used SpinRite on a number of different PC's in the past, but it has never worked for me. has it ever worked for you? if so what was the incident that it did work. My thought was that if the HDD became bookable again i would use Acronis to clone the drive to a new HDD.

  5. Can you make a multi boot USB to boot multiple Operating System disks, Like Windows 7 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

  6. Great vid Brian 🙂 I've got several of my own usb rescue sticks but none have a little menu like in your vid. I obviously need to get my act together 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your demo on Steve's Spinrite tool. Keep em coming mate, good on you! Best regards, DAve

  7. I love your videos and the duel booting video you did a while back saved me since I don't have backups and one of my the operating systems I had wouldn't load but the other one did

  8. Hi, very nice tool. Could u upload your gfx menu ? am i right if i say that if i don t want to get complicated with the menu system, i could just use easy2boot tool. ? thanks for the video

  9. sofar doing exactly as you.. gandalfs iso is being read as a cd i don't have enough know how to fix it but if i figure it out ill comment unless someone knows. the deal is gandalfs need to write data so being read only wont work

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