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Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight English Sub

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49 thoughts on “Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight English Sub – Nee San

  1. Danzo deserved dying at the hands of Sasuke because it is LITERALLY Danzo's fault they were all massacred.

  2. Absolute piece of sh1t. This garbage of a human being is single handedly responsible of discriminating against Uchiha to the point that he drove them into planing rebellion and then exploiting Itachi to commit genocide against his whole clan.
    If that was not enough, this turd did all he could to fuel and escalate war during the 3rd great ninja war and is single handedly responsible for transforming piece loving Akatsuki, into a terrorist organization, which in turn caused unimaginable grief and finally 4th great ninja war. This mother fuker is the main reason behind almost every major tragedy in this anime. He deserved to die experiencing unimaginable suffering for years!

  3. i remember when Danzo was in self confident seated on sandaime hokage chair. Clearly from that time he was stupid to think hiruzen will die at the hand of young kino (yamato).

  4. I'll disregard all the other shit that sasuke did just because he killed this SOB in cold blood who called Itachi a traitor, the guy who killed his entire clan including children and women, just to prevent a coup. He deserved a thousand fucking years of excruciating torture tsukyomi style

  5. he has hashirama cells, 10 sharingans, 1 mangekyo sharingan and proceeds to lose damn danzo is straight trash

  6. I hate how many Sharingan Danzo wasted on this one fight. Kinda random comparison, but I bet Orochimaru would've made better use of them if he had them.

  7. Danzo was one of the most overall destructive people in Naruto. His death was well deserved, but also would've liked it if his soul had ended up in the belly of the reaper, to be tormented indefinitely.

  8. What a shame so many sharingans and izanagi wasted by a shinobi with no skills. He couldn't even dodge normal shuriken attacks. He fought against sasuke with no strategy and he really tried to stab sasukes sosanno with a kunai. The fact that he thinks he is kage level is hilarious. His fighting skills are jonin level (under kakashi of level of course) and his strategies are genin/chunin level. Danzo is even stupid to count.

  9. Why did it look when he grabbed sasuke by the neck he was gonna do the same thing he did to shisui

  10. Danzo is like orchimaru getting the sharingan wonder why orchimaru didn’t take the sharingans off of danzo arm

  11. Most satisfying battle in all of Naruto. The b**tard Danzo deserved every bit of Sasuke's punishment esp after what he did to Shisui. Backstabbing f*ck

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