"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

The 22-year-old pro wrestler & star on the Netflix reality show “Terrace House” has passed away. Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax & more WWE stars mourn the shocking death.

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“Terrace House” Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

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44 thoughts on “"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

  1. I was literally in the middle of watching terrace house and cheering her on, when she won the wrestle match and I come to find this. My heart stopped…. I have no words… RIP💔

  2. this is insane, rip she was my favorite. hopefully they don’t cancel the show and run away from this, but instead shed light on mental health in japan

  3. Why don't you put the title as Hana kimura has finally became a corpse. ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  4. The bullies need to be punished!!!This is why I do not want to be famous,because there will be articles and bullying about me!!!! I hope ahe will be blessed,and be happy in heaven!!!

  5. Hearing about her death and then finding out her age and that I'm the same age makes me feel like I take my life for granted. Its sad that she took her own life. From a video I watched it seemed like she was a happy and carefree person, but I guess we're all human and being hounded by others really hurt. I know it is to late for her, but please if anyone is feeling suicidal reach out to someone. Even if they're someone you dont know. Sometimes it's easier to ask a stranger for help than family. If you are be cyberbullied please just take a break from online and if it comes more direct ask for help. For anyone on social media take a breather from the hate and just sign out for a week or 2 if you must and get your emotions on a calm level. People die everyday and we always forget how precious life is until moments like these. There's always happiness in life you just have to live long enough to find it.

    Rest in peace. Hopefully you'll be able to wrestle and be with the people you love in the next life.

  6. Can someone explain to me why she was cyberbullied? was it something she said or people are ouotright mean to her?


  8. Police brutality, racism and now this… It's 2020 already, this needs to stop. R.I.P. George, Ahmaud & Hana 🙏.

  9. YEP YEP it's sad but the YouTube comment look like a crusader come in late at war big yikes.
    Hey feel bad after I die.
    Before ? Nah who cares


  10. So, it should be easy to trace the messages back to culprits- right ?
    Name them.
    Shame them.
    The WORLD over.
    These people are pure scum and offer NOTHING to life.
    I say execute them.
    They deserve it.

  11. OMG. 22 years old. Too young to die. Cyberbullying, in fact, any kind of bullying needs to stop immediately. Prayers go out to her family. Rest in Peace, Hana. You will be missed.

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