The Top 5 Best Mods of Monster Hunter World! (Fun/Discussion/Pre-Iceborne) #mhw #mods #iceborne

Iceborne Mods are coming but first the best of bade World! Enjoy!

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Monster Hunter World PC Mods are here! Oh yeah Monster Hunter World New Monster! New Monster Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Mod! Monster Hunter World Mod Monsters and Monster Hunter World New Old Monsters! The Top Monster Hunter World Mods! Lets do this! Monster Hunter World New Monster is Go! Monster Hunter World New Subspecies and some awesome Monster Hunter World New Armor! Monster Hunter World Iceborne Mods are coming but this is the Monster Hunter World Top 5 Best Mods you need to experience!

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49 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Mods of Monster Hunter World! (Fun/Discussion/Pre-Iceborne) #mhw #mods #iceborne

  1. Am I the only one who wants a xenojiva pet? What’s not to love about a giant energy dragon sniping your enemies with beams that would make even goku blush

  2. "You can have a monster as your friend" don't say that ever again "you can make them dodge" can I have a mini zorah plz

  3. There were points in this that you talked so fast your words mushed together. Might wanna work on that, friend.

  4. #2 Riding mount is exactly how I picture you using a Palico on it's mount if they ever did bring over Prowler mode

  5. here's hoping for a mod that gives us deviant monsters
    we have a lot of monsters who have deviants in world, i recon it could be cool to see

  6. you know that by putting a wriggler in the place of Flowy you have now created an new undertale au right?

  7. So the dive bomb creates an explosion on the ground then that creates an explosion in the air to create explosions on the ground again.

    Makes sense.

  8. 🤣 Thomas the tank engine made famous by Skyrim modding community and now shows up in all other ones. It never gets old fearing the engine.

  9. Imagine being able to ride and control a savage pickle I mean you would just decimate monsters left and right😂

  10. I have said it before, I will say it again: why is there not at least an NPC that has one of the monsters as their companion?

  11. A clip from Hollow Man, takes me back. I got to watch that when I was 7 because my parents didn't check the rating on it. 1:40

  12. I am sure that the little blue children love the Thomas the tank engine cotton they are all the same color.😂

  13. Love the mods but all this reminds of is how they nerfed our lord god temporal mantle. Rest in peace my old friend 😔

  14. Trans don’t need to be in a fantasy there already real and it’s traumatic to all innocent eyes …. like no …

  15. What about chaos spike nergigante? Also the idea of the stories mod with things like rajang are absolute perfection to me

  16. Some pretty epic star wars and Dragon Ball Z Abridged references there 😂. My favorite mod is the MH stories mod. Ever since I played the Witcher 3 crossover quest, I've been really annoyed that there is no normal quest where a monster is your ally. We know it's possible since they did it in the Witcher quest. Imagine having your palico rally ability affecting the friendly monster. Or even having a new ability specifically for friendly monsters. You know, for once not being forced into doing the "kill first, ask questions later" philosophy of Monster Hunter. Would love to see a World like game but with the added ability to tame monsters and then fighting alongside them.

  17. Personally I love the MH Stories mod. I ESPECIALLY look forward to seeing it apply to monsters like Zinogre.

  18. I personally love the idea of the stories mod. I wish we could actually get a full game like world with the ability to tame monsters (maybe have them be a little bit smaller than the wild monsters).

  19. Honestly seeing that Nergigante it was cool. Like a better version of Ruiner, but till you said it has Thunder and Fire I lost all interest. It sounds more like a monster from a basic anime game and not somethin that belongs in MH

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