Things You Didn't Know About Barron Trump

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It’s the end of one era in America, and as one First Family leaves the White House, it’s time to make way for Donald Trump and his many children. While most of his brood are well-known to the public, young Barron remains a family outlier. The pre-teen son of the Donald and Melania first captivated the eyes of the world late on Election Night when it looked like he was fighting to stay awake through his father’s acceptance speech. It’s time we learn a few things about America’s new boy-prince, Barron Trump…

Melania’s only child | 0:25
Staying put | 1:06
Barron’s school is freaking out | 1:43
First White House boy in decades | 2:25
Like father, like son | 2:41
Bilingual | 3:07
Nanny or not… | 3:23
Undercover kid | 3:52

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25 thoughts on “Things You Didn't Know About Barron Trump

  1. Your smart assed comment about Melania mixing up facts is untrue . duo you speak 6 languages? Are you elegant and poised? Probably not. Are you first lady? NO

  2. His youngest is adorable. And trump must win he's the strongest and most knowledgeable candidate for re-election of donald trump it is a must for our economy

  3. Everyone keeps going ‘leave him alone!’ But the overwhelming posts on here are saying ‘leave him alone’!!! FFS stop being so sensitive, and making drama where it doesn’t exist. I didn’t see a whole bunch of people complaining when people were ridiculing Chelsea Clinton for her looks. Nobody is slagging off the kid enough for all you Trumplovers to get your panties in a wad over it.

  4. I like how Barron chooses to stay out of the political spotlight as he's only 14 years old. I can't believe he's already above "6 3" and towering over his dad.

  5. 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷😋😋🥰👌👍✋🥀🌷❤🌷❤🥀🙏🙏🙏

  6. He's just so truly amazing 🥺❤️
    I can't say how thankful I am to him. There's no words for that.

  7. okay im a democrat but honestly Barron trump is kinda fine… also he's 6'3 at 13 years old! and we're the same age so..

  8. There's a book written in 1893 called "Baron trump's marvellous underground journey" …very interesting the book written way back then saying things the resemble things that are happening today

  9. Wait…
    Can Barron then understand the language of Tesla which might be similar? Time traveller confirmed. All meant to be?

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